A project for international understanding

The Brain-Bridge project symbolizes a mental bridge between people of different origins, nationalities, and religions, and it invites people to understand differences as enrichments and not as divisions. The Brain-Bridge project makes it clear that partnership depends on people and that acceptance and tolerance have to be practiced by individuals.


The central artwork behind this action is the Brain-Bridge picture. This image is a tryptichon the same height as man, like a altarpiece with sidepieces created from painted wood. The opened doors showing a bridge over an abyss, symbolizing mental communication and exchange of ideas.

For the art-action, two participants will be photographed by shaking hands while a slide from the opened Brain-Bridge Picture will be projected on them. The slide-projection fuses with the white capes of the participants, but their faces stay uncovered and remain clearly visible. The photos will be combined with the names, the religions, the nationalities and professions of the participants, as these facts are often used as arguments for alienation.

Because of this each participant becomes an integral yet individual part of the action and supports the ideas of tolerance, acceptance and international friendship through "their" image.

Brain Bridge Wave

To integrate as many people as possible in this international friendship art-action, individuals will be able to get a slide of the picture "Brain-Bridge" to similarly create their own Brain-Bridges of communication in their own environment or country.

Documentation - outlook

All the photographs, including the pictures created in Brain-Bridge wave actions and sent to me will be collected and presented as a book, updated ready for each event. Later, all the pictures will be shown on the internet at "www.brain-bridge-project.de" and available for download.

The 'brain-bridge', or 'Corpus callosum' in the medical world is a structure that connects the two cerebral hemispheres. good communication between the two halves of the brain is vital for humans, and in the same way humanity depends on good communication between as many brains, as many people as possible